F.A.Q – Polyboards
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"Do you have a location I can visit?"


No, but maybe in the future...


"Where do you guys ship?"

We ship anywhere within the USA + free USPS priority shipping (even HI and AK!) We do not ship outside of the USA.

"Where are you guys located?"

Los Angeles, California.

"Can you draw [x] on my box/receipt?"

Yeah, just tell me what in the comments section of your order but be warned, I can't really draw.

"Can you carry [x] wheel/bushing/etc?"

Maybe! Email us @ info@polyboards.com

"This discount code [x] doesn't work on my order!"

Some discount codes we put out may have limits on what they can discount and some brands we carry have requested we not discount their products in order to preserve market integrity. The list of products that will never be discounted by code from our store are:

  • Free and Easy Adventure Co. products,
  • Harfang products,
  • Polyboards Enso wheels.