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About Us

Who are we?

We are the Polyboards Project, we began in 2014 from Oahu, HI originally with the intent of helping beginners find a stable foothold in the steep, steep cliff that is learning how to longboard with helpful, straightforward guides that explain the essentials early on and the lesser so, later. Along with guides, we also create reviews, news, and other media. We are now based in Vancouver, WA.

Why should you buy from us?:

  • We support our friends and community first.
  • Free stickers with every purchase (ours are made by Stickerapp, excellent quality custom stickers)
  • We aim to support fellow small/local brands by carrying their products,
  • We will never carry anything we wouldn't skate ourselves,
  • Last, but most importantly, we support longboarding on a deep and personal level.

Who is the owner?

Hi, my name's Gabriel and I write and manage the longboarding help and review blog polyboards.com, and now the shop polyboardsshop.com as well. I started writing articles and guides in 2014 and have been writing and  traveling all over the place ever since. I was born in Los Angeles, but have made my home in places like New Jersey, South Korea, Oahu Hawaii, and now Vancouver Washington. I have been skating for over 3 years now and I intend to skate on until my body refuses to.

I am definitely not the best skateboarder and I don't aim to be. I'm here to support the homies, support the scene, and to promote longboarding in a positive light. I hope you'll join me on this endeavor to spread the stoke and shred gnar <3