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Bam Bam Pucks Sparking Slide Pucks

Bam Bam Pucks

  • $ 2695

Bam bam pucks have finally landed in the USA, those five integrated ferrocerium rods will throw up a ton of sparks! Made of a tough, high-density plastic material and measuring a little over a half inch thick, Bam bam pucks spark like hell and wear down consistently.

Each purchase comes with two pucks, one for each hand with the "hook" side of velcro and a Bam Bam Pucks sticker in a random color (red, yellow, green, blue)


WARNING While sparks are cool, keep in mind of your surroundings. We do not recommend using them in dry environments or where dead foliage/other flammables are present. Be responsible.


  • Diameter: 80mm (3.14")
  • Thickness: 16mm (.63")

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