4mm Bam Bam Brake Sole – Polyboards
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4mm Bam Bam Brake Sole

4mm Bam Bam Brake Sole

Bam Bam Pucks

  • $ 2195

Price is for a two soles. Each sole measures 12.25" x 5.25"

Don't want to scrub your fresh downhill wheels? Footbraking is destroying your shoes? Pick up a footbrake sole!

Here's the way we recommend applying the soles:

  1. Clean the bottom of your shoe with alcohol and water,
  2. Generously apply contact cement to both the bottom of the shoe and colored side of the brake sole. Brush evenly,
  3. Leave both outside in the shade for 15 minutes (if colder climate, wait longer) Both dried surfaces should not stick to your finger,
  4. When both surfaces are "dry", carefully contact the sole to the shoe and apply pressure from the inside of the shoe all around the sole.
  5. With the bond created, cut off excess with a razor blade.
  6. (Optional) Sand edges.

4mm: Recommended for freeride and downhill. Maximum board feel and increased grip, with enough material for the moderate footbraker.

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